Title 46

SECTION 28.130

28.130 Survival craft equipment.

§ 28.130 Survival craft equipment.

(a) General. Each item of survival craft equipment must be of good quality, effective for the purpose it is intended to serve, and secured to the craft.

(b) Inflatable liferafts. Each inflatable liferaft must have one of the following equipment packs as shown by the markings on its container:

(1) Coastal Service;

(2) SOLAS B Pack (formerly “Limited Service”); or

(3) SOLAS A Pack (formerly “Ocean Service”).

(c) Each life float and buoyant apparatus must be fitted with a lifeline, pendants, a painter, and a floating electric water light approved under part 161 subpart 161.010 of this chapter.

(d) Other survival craft. A vessel must not carry survival craft other than inflatable liferafts, life floats, inflatable buoyant apparatus, or buoyant apparatus, such as lifeboats or rigid liferafts, unless the survival craft and launching equipment comply with the requirements for installation, arrangement, equipment, and maintenance contained in 46 CFR part 199.

[CGD 88-079, 56 FR 40393, Aug. 14, 1991, as amended by CGD 84-069, 63 FR 52813, Oct. 1, 1998]