Title 46

SECTION 27.101

27.101 Definitions.

§ 27.101 Definitions.

As used in this part -

Accommodation includes any:

(1) Messroom.

(2) Lounge.

(3) Sitting area.

(4) Recreation room.

(5) Quarters.

(6) Toilet space.

(7) Shower room.

(8) Galley.

(9) Berthing facility.

(10) Clothing-changing room.

Engine room means the enclosed area where any main-propulsion engine is located. It comprises all deck levels within that area.

Fixed fire-extinguishing system means:

(1) A carbon dioxide system that satisfies 46 CFR 76.15 and the system labeling requirements in 46 CFR 78.47-9 and 78.47-11 and that is approved by the Commandant; or

(2) A clean-agent system that satisfies 46 CFR 95.16 and is approved by the Commandant; or

(3) A manually-operated water-mist system that satisfies NFPA 750 (incorporated by reference; see § 27.102) and that is approved by the Commandant; or

Fleeting-area means a separate location where individual barges are moored or assembled to make a tow. The barges are not in transport, but are temporarily marshaled, waiting for pickup by different vessels that will transport them to various destinations. A fleeting-area is a limited geographic area.

Harbor-assist means docking and undocking ships.

Limited geographic area means a local area of operation, usually within a single harbor or port. The local Captain of the Port (COTP) determines the definition of local geographic area for each zone.

Operating station means the principal steering station on the vessel, from which the vessel is normally navigated.

Towing vessel means a commercial vessel engaged in, or intending to engage in, pulling, pushing, or hauling alongside, or any combination of pulling, pushing, or hauling alongside.

Towing vessel in inland service means a towing vessel that is not in ocean or coastal service.

Towing vessel in ocean or coastal service means a towing vessel that operates beyond the baseline of the U.S. territorial sea.

We means the United States Coast Guard.

Work space means any area on the vessel where the crew could be present while on duty and performing their assigned tasks.

You means the owner of a towing vessel, unless otherwise specified.

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