Title 46

SECTION 26.03-6

26.03-6 Special permit.

§ 26.03-6 Special permit.

(a) If the owner, operator, or agent donates the use of an uninspected passenger vessel to a charity for fundraising activities, and the vessel's activity would subject it to Coast Guard inspection, the OCMI may issue a special permit to the owner, operator, or agent for this purpose if, in the opinion of the OCMI, the vessel can be safely operated. Each special permit is valid for only one voyage of a donated vessel, which is used for a charitable purpose. Applications are considered and approved on a case-by-case basis.

(b) The criteria of § 176.204 of this chapter will apply to the issuance of a special permit. In addition, the owner, operator, or agent must meet each of these conditions -

(1) Any charity using a donated vessel must be a bona fide charity or a non-profit organization qualified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986;

(2) All donations received from the fundraising must go to the named charity;

(3) The owner, operator, or agent may obtain a special permit for an individual vessel not more than four times in a 12-month period; and

(4) The owner, operator, or agent must apply to the local OCMI for a special permit prior to the intended voyage, allowing adequate time for processing and approval of the permit.

(c) Nothing in this part may be construed as limiting the OCMI from making such tests and inspections, both afloat and in dry-dock, that are reasonable and practicable to be assured of the vessel's seaworthiness and safety.

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