Title 46

SECTION 26.03-4

26.03-4 Charts and nautical publications.

§ 26.03-4 Charts and nautical publications.

(a) As appropriate for the intended voyage, all vessels must carry adequate and up-to-date -

(1) Charts of appropriate scale to make safe navigation possible;

(2) “U.S. Coast Pilot” or similar publication;

(3) Coast Guard light list;

(4) Tide tables; and

(5) Current tables, or a river current publication issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, or a river authority.

(b) As an alternative, you may substitute extracts or copies from the publications in paragraph (a) of this section. This information must be applicable to the area transited.

[USCG-1999-5040, 67 FR 34776, May 15, 2002]