Title 46

SECTION 26.03-1

26.03-1 Safety orientation.

§ 26.03-1 Safety orientation.

(a) Before getting underway on any uninspected passenger vessel, the operator or master must ensure that suitable public announcements, instructive placards, or both, are provided in a manner that affords all passengers the opportunity to become acquainted with:

(1) Stowage locations of life preservers;

(2) Proper method of donning and adjusting life preservers of the type(s) carried on the vessel;

(3) The type and location of all lifesaving devices carried on the vessel; and

(4) The location and contents of the Emergency Checkoff List required by § 26.03-2.

(b) Vessels subject to this subpart engaged in tender service at yacht clubs and marinas, and vessels being demonstrated for a potential purchaser by a yacht broker, are excluded from the requirements of § 26.03-1 and § 26.03-2.

[CGD 78-009, 45 FR 11109, Feb. 19, 1980, as amended by USCG-1999-5040, 67 FR 34776, May 15, 2002]