Title 46

SECTION 25.26-50

25.26-50 Servicing of EPIRBs.

§ 25.26-50 Servicing of EPIRBs.

(a) The master of each vessel required to have an EPIRB under this subpart shall ensure that each EPIRB on board is tested and serviced as required by this section.

(b) The EPIRB must be tested immediately after installation and at least once each month thereafter, unless it is an EPIRB installed in a Coast Guard approved inflatable liferaft that is tested annually during the servicing of the liferaft by an approved servicing facility. The test shall be conducted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, using the visual or audio indicator on the EPIRB. If the EPIRB is not operating, it must be repaired or replaced with an operating EPIRB.

(c) The battery of the EPIRB must be replaced -

(1) Immediately after the EPIRB is used for any purpose other than being tested; and

(2) Before the expiration date that is marked on the battery.

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