Title 46

SECTION 25.26-1

25.26-1 Definitions.

§ 25.26-1 Definitions.

As used in this subpart:

Berthing space means a space that is intended to be used for sleeping and is provided with installed bunks and mattresses.

EPIRB means an Emergency Position Indicating Radiobeacon which is Type Accepted by the Federal Communications Commission under requirements in 47 CFR parts 2 and 80.

Galley means a space that provides for the preparation and extended storage of food. This does not include small alcohol or propane stoves with limited cooking capability, or ice chests or similar devices that are intended for keeping small quantities of food for short durations.

High seas means the waters beyond a line three nautical miles seaward of the Territorial Sea Baseline as defined in 33 CFR 2.20.

Length means the length listed on a vessel's Certificate of Documentation or Certificate of Number.

Uninspected passenger vessel means a vessel which, when used for commercial service, is used solely to carry passengers for hire or to provide non-emergency assistance to boaters (assistance towing), and which is not inspected by the Coast Guard under any other 46 CFR subchapter.


As an example, a vessel on a voyage involving catching fish which are to be sold, is a commercial fishing industry vessel for the purposes of the EPIRB regulations in this section, even if there are passengers on board during the voyage.

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