Title 46

SECTION 25.25-9

25.25-9 Storage.

§ 25.25-9 Storage.

(a) The lifesaving equipment designed to be worn required in § 25.25-5(b) and (c) must be readily accessible.

(b) Lifesaving equipment designed to be thrown required in § 25.25-5(b) must be immediately available.

(c) For a barge to which this subpart applies, the wearable lifesaving equipment specified in § 25.25-5 need not be stored on board the barge if the barge's operator stores it elsewhere, and ensures that each individual dons the equipment or a work vest approved under 46 CFR 160.053 before boarding the barge and keeps it on for as long as the individual remains on board and at risk of falling overboard.

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