Title 46

SECTION 116.800

116.800 General requirements.

§ 116.800 General requirements.

(a) All passenger accommodations must be arranged and equipped to provide for the safety of the passengers in consideration of the route, modes of operation, and speed of the vessel.

(b) The height of ceilings in a passenger accommodation space, including aisles and passageways, must be at least 1880 millimeters (74 inches), but may be reduced at the sides of a space to allow for camber, wiring, ventilation ducts, and piping.

(c) A passenger accommodation space must be maintained to minimize fire and safety hazards and to preserve sanitary conditions. Aisles must be kept clear of obstructions.

(d) A passenger accommodation space must not contain:

(1) Electrical generation equipment or transformers, high temperature parts, pipelines, rotating assemblies, or any other item that could injure a passenger, unless such an item is adequately shielded or isolated; or

(2) A control for operating the vessel, unless the control is so protected and located that operation of the vessel by a crew member will not be impeded by a passenger during normal or emergency operations.

(e) The deck above a passenger accommodation space must be located above the deepest load waterline.

(f) A variation from a requirement of this subpart may be authorized by the Commanding Officer, Marine Safety Center for an unusual arrangement or design provided there is no significant reduction of space, accessibility, safety, or sanitation.