Title 46

SECTION 116.510

116.510 Embarkation stations.

§ 116.510 Embarkation stations.

(a) A vessel must have a least two designated embarkation stations on the embarkation deck of each main vertical zone, and at least one on each side of the vessel.

(b) Embarkation stations and approaches thereto must:

(1) Be areas that are easily traversed;

(2) Be provided with handholds; and

(3) Be well illuminated.

(c) Each embarkation station must be arranged to allow the safe boarding of survival craft. They must not be located in areas where rolling of the vessel could cause contact between the propeller(s) and survival craft. Bulwarks, handrails, and lifelines must be fitted with openings that are normally closed but that may be opened while survival craft are being boarded, allowing passengers to pass through rather than climb over.

[CGD 85-080, 61 FR 900, Jan. 10, 1996, as amended by CGD 97-057, 62 FR 51047, Sept. 30, 1997]