Title 45

SECTION 1329.16

1329.16 Authorities of the SILC.

§ 1329.16 Authorities of the SILC.

(a) The SILC may conduct the following discretionary activities, as authorized and described in the approved State Plan:

(1) Work with Centers for Independent Living to coordinate services with public and private entities to improve services provided to individuals with disabilities;

(2) Conduct resource development activities to support the activities described in the approved SPIL and/or to support the provision of independent living services by Centers for Independent Living; and

(3) Perform such other functions, consistent with the purpose of this part and comparable to other functions described in section 705(c) of the Act, as the Council determines to be appropriate and authorized in the approved SPIL.

(b) In undertaking the foregoing duties and authorities, the SILC shall:

(1) Coordinate with the CILs in order to avoid conflicting or overlapping activities within the CILs' established service areas;

(2) Not engage in activities that constitute the direct provision of IL services to individuals, including the IL core services; and

(3) Comply with Federal prohibitions against lobbying.