Title 45

SECTION 900.105

900.105 Applicant responsibility.

§ 900.105 Applicant responsibility.

(a) Applicants shall work under Commission direction provided by the Approving Official, and assist the Commission in fulfilling its NEPA obligations by preparing NEPA analyses and documents that comply with the provisions of NEPA (42 U.S.C. 4321-4347), the CEQ Regulations (40 CFR parts 1500 through 1508), and the requirements set forth in this part.

(b) Applicants shall follow Commission direction when they assist the Commission with the following responsibilities, among others:

(1) Prepare and disseminate applicable environmental documentation concurrent with a proposal's engineering, planning, and design;

(2) Create and distribute public notices;

(3) Coordinate public hearings and meetings as required;

(4) Submit all environmental documents created pursuant to this part to the Commission for review and approval before public distribution;

(5) Participate in all Commission-conducted hearings or meetings;

(6) Consult with the Commission prior to obtaining the services of an environmental consultant; in the case that an EIS is required, the consultant or contractor will be selected by the Commission; and

(7) Implement mitigation measures included as voluntary commitments by the applicant or as requirements of the applicant in environmental documents.