Title 45


672.9 Motions.

§ 672.9 Motions.

(a) General. All motions, except those made orally on the record during a hearing, shall (1) be in writing; (2) state the basis or grounds with particularity; (3) set forth the relief or order sought; and (4) be accompanied by any affidavit, certificate, or other evidence or legal memorandum relied upon.

(b) Response to motions. A party must file a response to any written motion within ten (10) days after service of such motion, unless the Presiding Officer allows additional time. The response shall be accompanied by any affidavit, certificate, other evidence, or legal memorandum relied upon. If no response is filed within the designated period, the Presiding Officer may deem the parties to have waived any objection to the granting of the motion. The Presiding Officer may also set a shorter time for response, or make such other appropriate orders concerning the disposition of motions.

(c) Ruling on Motions. The Presiding Officer shall rule on all motions, unless otherwise provided in these rules. The Presiding Officer may permit oral argument if he considers it necessary or desirable.