Title 45


672.8 Answer to the complaint.

§ 672.8 Answer to the complaint.

(a) General. Where respondent (1) contests any material fact upon which the complaint is based; (2) contends that the amount of the penalty proposed in the complaint or the proposed revocation or suspension, as the case may be, is inappropriate; or (3) contends that he is entitled to judgment as a matter of law, he shall file a written answer to the complaint with the Hearing Clerk. Any such answer to the complaint must be filed with the Hearing Clerk within twenty (20) days after service of the complaint.

(b) Contents of the answer. The answer shall clearly and directly admit, deny or explain each of the factual allegations contained in the complaint. If respondent asserts he has no knowledge of a particular factual allegation, the allegation is deemed denied. The answer shall also state (1) the circumstances or arguments which are alleged to constitute the grounds of defense; (2) the facts which respondent intends to place at issue; and (3) whether a hearing is requested.

(c) Request for hearing. A hearing upon the issues raised by the complaint and answer shall be held upon request of respondent in the answer. The Presiding Officer may deem the right to a hearing waived if it is not requested by respondent. In addition, a hearing may be held at the discretion of the Presiding Officer, sua sponte, to examine issues raised in the answer.

(d) Failure to admit, deny, or explain. Failure of respondent to admit, deny, or explain any material factual allegation contained in the complaint constitutes an admission of the allegation.

(e) Amendment of the answer. The respondent may amend the answer to the complaint upon motion granted by the Presiding Officer.