Title 45

SECTION 672.14

672.14 Scheduling the hearing.

§ 672.14 Scheduling the hearing.

(a) When an answer is filed, the Hearing Clerk shall forward the complaint, the answer, and any other documents filed thus far in the proceeding to the Presiding Officer, who will notify the parties of his assignment.

(b) Notice of hearing. If the respondent requests a hearing in his answer, or one is ordered by the Presiding Officer, the Presiding Officer shall serve upon the parties a notice setting forth a time and place for the hearing. The Presiding Officer may issue the notice of hearing at any appropriate time, but not later than twenty (20) days prior to the date set for the hearing.

(c) Postponement of hearing. The Presiding Officer will not grant a request for postponement of a hearing except upon motion and for good cause shown.