Title 45

SECTION 672.11

672.11 Informal settlement; consent agreement and order.

§ 672.11 Informal settlement; consent agreement and order.

(a) Settlement policy. The Agency encourages settlement of a proceeding at any time if the settlement is consistent with the provisions and objectives of the Act and applicable regulations. The respondent may confer with complainant concerning settlement whether or not the respondent requests a hearing. Settlement conferences shall not affect the respondent's obligation to file a timely answer.

(b) Consent agreement. The parties shall forward a written consent agreement and a proposed consent order to the Presiding Officer whenever settlement or compromise is proposed. The consent agreement shall state that, for the purpose of this proceeding, respondent (1) admits the jurisdictional allegations of the complaint; (2) admits the facts stipulated in the consent agreement or neither admits nor denies specific factual allegations contained in the complaint; and (3) consents to the assessment of a stated civil penalty or to the stated permit revocation or suspension, or to other sanctions or actions in mitigation. The consent agreement shall include any and all terms of the agreement, and shall be signed by all parties or their counsel or representatives.

(c) Consent order. No settlement or consent agreement shall dispose of any proceeding under the rules without a consent order from the Director or his delegatee. Before signing such an order, the Director or his delegatee may require that the parties to the settlement appear before him to answer inquiries relating to the consent agreement or order.

(d) Actions by respondent to clean, protect, enhance, or benefit the environment. NSF may accept from respondent environmentally beneficial actions, in lieu of penalties, in whole or in part, assessed under the Antarctic Conservation Act. An assessment of the monetary value of any action in mitigation shall be made before that action is incorporated as a part of any consent agreement and order.