Title 45


640.2 Committee on Environmental Matters.

§ 640.2 Committee on Environmental Matters.

(a) There is established an NSF Committee on Environmental Matters (hereafter referred to as the Committee) to consist of one representative from each directorate. The General Counsel, or his or her designee, shall serve as Chairman. At the discretion of the Chairman and with the concurrence of the Committee, additional members may be appointed.

(b) All incoming correspondence from CEQ and other agencies concerning matters related to NEPA, including draft and final environmental impact statements, shall be brought to the attention of the Chairman. The Chairman will prepare or, at his or her discretion, coordinate replies to such correspondence.

(c) The Committee shall meet regularly to discuss NSF policies and practices regarding NEPA, and make recommendations on the need for or adequacy of environmental impact assessments or statements.

(d) With respect to actions of NSF, the Committee will:

(1) Maintain a list of actions for which environmental impact statements are being prepared.

(2) Revise this list at regular intervals, based on input from the directorates, and send revisions to CEQ.

(3) Make the list available for public inspection on request.

(4) Maintain a list of environmental impact assessments.

(5) Maintain a file of draft and final environmental impact statements.

(e) The Committee and/or the Chairman will perform such additional functions as are set forth elsewhere in this part and in other NSF issuances.

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