Title 45

SECTION 1801.61

1801.61 Termination of scholarship.

§ 1801.61 Termination of scholarship.

(a) The Foundation may suspend or terminate a scholarship under the following specific conditions:

(1) Unsatisfactory academic performance for two terms, failure to pursue preparation for a career in public service, or loss of interest in a career in public service;

(2) Failure to meet the criteria in § 1801.3(d), § 1801.30(a) § 1801.31(a) and (b), or § 1801.51;

(3) Failure to submit a report or request required by the Foundation or providing false, misleading, or materially incomplete information on any report, payment request or other submission to the Foundation; or

(4) Failure to begin use of the graduate portion of the scholarship within four years of the date of receipt of a baccalaureate degree unless granted an extension in writing by the Foundation.

(b) Before it terminates a scholarship, the Foundation will notify the Scholar of the proposed action and will provide an opportunity to be heard with respect to the grounds for termination.