Title 45

SECTION 1801.31

1801.31 Approval of graduate programs by the Foundation.

§ 1801.31 Approval of graduate programs by the Foundation.

(a) By December 1, Scholars desiring Foundation support for graduate study the following academic year must submit a proposed program of graduate study to the Foundation for approval. The graduate program proposed for approval may differ from that proposed by the Scholar when nominated for a Truman Scholarship. Factors to be used by the Foundation in considering approval include being consistent with:

(1) Field of study initially proposed in the Scholar's Application;

(2) Graduate school programs given priority in the current Bulletin of Information;

(3) Undergraduate educational program and work experience of the Scholar; and

(4) Preparation specifically for a career in public service.

(b) Foundation approval in writing of the Scholar's proposal is required before financial support is granted for graduate work.

(c) Scholars must include in their submission to the Foundation a statement of interest in a career in public service that specifies in detail how their graduate program and their overall educational and work experience plans will realistically prepare them for their chosen career goal in government or elsewhere in public service.

(d) After completing his or her undergraduate studies, a Scholar each year may request in writing a deferral of support for graduate studies. Deferrals must be requested no later than June 15 for the succeeding academic year. Scholars failing to request a year's deferral and to receive written approval from the Foundation may lose one year of funding support for each year for which they fail to request and receive deferrals. Total deferrals may not exceed four years unless an extension is granted in writing by the Foundation.