Title 45

SECTION 1801.23

1801.23 Recommendation by panel.

§ 1801.23 Recommendation by panel.

(a) Each Panel is asked to recommend to the Board of Trustees the name of one candidate from each state in the region to be appointed as a Truman Scholar. The Foundation may authorize each regional review panel to recommend additional Scholars from the States in its region.

(b) A panel's recommendations are based on the material required under § 1801.17 and, as determined in the interview, the panel's assessment of each Finalist in terms of criteria presented in § 1801.22.

(c) In the event that a regional review panel determines that none of the Finalists from a state meets all the requirements expected of a Truman Scholar, it does not provide a recommendation. The Foundation will carry over the Scholarship for that state making two Scholarships available the following year.