Title 45

SECTION 1160.13

1160.13 Indemnification limits.

§ 1160.13 Indemnification limits.

The dollar amounts of the limits described below are found in the guidelines referred to in § 1160.1 and are based upon the statutory limits in the Arts and Artifacts Indemnity Act (20 U.S.C. 974).

(a) There is a maximum amount of loss or damage covered in a single exhibition or an Indemnity Agreement.

(b) A sliding scale deductible amount is applicable to loss or damage arising out of a single exhibition for which an indemnity is issued.

(c) There is an aggregate amount of loss or damage covered by indemnity agreements at any one time.

(d) The maximum value of eligible items carried in or upon any single instrumentality of transportation at any one time, is established by the Council.

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