Title 45

PART 73a

Part 73a - Standards Of Conduct: Food And Drug Administration Supplement

PART 73a - STANDARDS OF CONDUCT: FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION SUPPLEMENT Authority:45 CFR 73.735-105. Source:43 FR 7619, Feb. 24, 1978, unless otherwise noted.

45: A
Subpart A - General Provisions
45: 73a.735-101
   73a.735-101 Principles and purpose.
45: 73a.735-103
   73a.735-103 Responsibilities.
45: 73a.735-104
   73a.735-104 Advice and guidance.
45: B
Subpart B - Miscellaneous Provisions
45: 73a.735-201
   73a.735-201 Control activity employees formerly associated with organizations subject to FDA regulation.
45: C
Subpart C [Reserved]
45: D
Subpart D - Outside Employment
45: 73a.735-401
   73a.735-401 General provisions.
45: E
Subpart E - Financial Interests
45: 73a.735-501
   73a.735-501 General provisions.
45: 73a.735-502
   73a.735-502 Employees in regulatory activities.
45: 73a.735-504
   73a.735-504 Exceptions.
45: F
Subparts F-I [Reserved]
45: J
Subpart J - Statements of Employment and Financial Interests
45: 73a.735-1004
   73a.735-1004 Submission and review of statements.