Title 45


Part 5b - Privacy Act Regulations

PART 5b - PRIVACY ACT REGULATIONS Authority:5 U.S.C. 301, 5 U.S.C. 552a. Source:40 FR 47409, Oct. 8, 1975, unless otherwise noted.

45: 5b.1
   5b.1 Definitions.
45: 5b.2
   5b.2 Purpose and scope.
45: 5b.3
   5b.3 Policy.
45: 5b.4
   5b.4 Maintenance of records.
45: 5b.5
   5b.5 Notification of or access to records.
45: 5b.6
   5b.6 Special procedures for notification of or access to medical records.
45: 5b.7
   5b.7 Procedures for correction or amendment of records.
45: 5b.8
   5b.8 Appeals of refusals to correct or amend records.
45: 5b.9
   5b.9 Disclosure of records.
45: 5b.10
   5b.10 Parents and guardians.
45: 5b.11
   5b.11 Exempt systems.
45: 5b.12
   5b.12 Contractors.
45: 5b.13
   5b.13 Fees.
45: Appendix A
   Appendix A to Part 5b - Employee Standards of Conduct
45: Appendix B
   Appendix B to Part 5b - Routine Uses Applicable to More Than One System of Records Maintained by HHS
45: Appendix C
   Appendix C to Part 5b - Delegations of Authority [Reserved]