Title 45

PART 2508

Part 2508 - Implementation Of The Privacy Act Of 1974

PART 2508 - IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 Authority:5 U.S.C. 552a; 42 U.S.C. 12501 et seq.; 42 U.S.C. 4950 et seq. Source:64 FR 19294, Apr. 20, 1999, unless otherwise noted.

45: 2508.1
   2508.1 Definitions.
45: 2508.2
   2508.2 What is the purpose of this part
45: 2508.3
   2508.3 What is the Corporation's Privacy Act policy
45: 2508.4
   2508.4 When can Corporation records be disclosed
45: 2508.5
   2508.5 When does the Corporation publish its notice of its system of records
45: 2508.6
   2508.6 When will the Corporation publish a notice for new routine uses of information in its system of records
45: 2508.7
   2508.7 To whom does the Corporation provide reports regarding changes in its system of records
45: 2508.8
   2508.8 Who is responsible for establishing the Corporation's rules of conduct for Privacy Act compliance
45: 2508.9
   2508.9 What officials are responsible for the security, management and control of Corporation record keeping systems
45: 2508.10
   2508.10 Who has the responsibility for maintaining adequate technical, physical, and security safeguards to prevent unauthorized disclosure or destruction of manual and automatic record systems
45: 2508.11
   2508.11 How shall offices maintaining a system of records be accountable for those records to prevent unauthorized disclosure of information
45: 2508.12
   2508.12 What are the contents of the systems of record that are to be maintained by the Corporation
45: 2508.13
   2508.13 What are the procedures for acquiring access to Corporation records by an individual about whom a record is maintained
45: 2508.14
   2508.14 What are the identification requirements for individuals who request access to records
45: 2508.15
   2508.15 What are the procedures for requesting inspection of, amendment or correction to, or appeal of an individual's records maintained by the Corporation other than that individual's official personnel file
45: 2508.16
   2508.16 What are the procedures for filing an appeal for refusal to amend or correct records
45: 2508.17
   2508.17 When shall fees be charged and at what rate
45: 2508.18
   2508.18 What are the penalties for obtaining a record under false pretenses
45: 2508.19
   2508.19 What Privacy Act exemptions or control of systems of records are exempt from disclosure
45: 2508.20
   2508.20 What are the restrictions regarding the release of mailing lists