Title 45

PART 12a

Part 12a - Use Of Federal Real Property To Assist The Homeless

PART 12a - USE OF FEDERAL REAL PROPERTY TO ASSIST THE HOMELESS Authority:42 U.S.C. 11411; 40 U.S.C. 484(k); 42 U.S.C. 3535(d). Source:56 FR 23794, 23795, May 24, 1991, unless otherwise noted.

45: 12a.1
   12a.1 Definitions.
45: 12a.2
   12a.2 Applicability.
45: 12a.3
   12a.3 Collecting the information.
45: 12a.4
   12a.4 Suitability determination.
45: 12a.5
   12a.5 Real property reported excess to GSA.
45: 12a.6
   12a.6 Suitability criteria.
45: 12a.7
   12a.7 Determination of availability.
45: 12a.8
   12a.8 Public notice of determination.
45: 12a.9
   12a.9 Application process.
45: 12a.10
   12a.10 Action on approved applications.
45: 12a.11
   12a.11 Unsuitable properties.
45: 12a.12
   12a.12 No applications approved.