Title 45

PART 1150

Part 1150 - Collection Of Claims

PART 1150 - COLLECTION OF CLAIMS Authority:31 U.S.C. 3711, 3716-3718, 3720A; 5 U.S.C. 5514. Source:65 FR 37486, June 15, 2000, unless otherwise noted.

45: A
Subpart A - General Provisions
45: 1150.1
   1150.1 What definitions apply to the regulations in this part
45: 1150.2
   1150.2 What is the Endowment's authority to issue these regulations
45: 1150.3
   1150.3 What other regulations also apply to the Endowment's debt collection efforts
45: 1150.4
   1150.4 What types of claims are excluded from these regulations
45: 1150.5
   1150.5 What notice will I be provided if I owe a debt to the Endowment
45: 1150.6
   1150.6 What opportunity do I have to obtain a review of my debt within the Endowment
45: 1150.7
   1150.7 What interest, penalty charges, and administrative costs will I have to pay on a debt owed to the Endowment
45: 1150.8
   1150.8 Will failure to pay my debt affect my eligibility for Endowment programs
45: 1150.9
   1150.9 How can I resolve the Endowment's claim through a voluntary repayment agreement
45: 1150.10
   1150.10 What is the extent of the Chairperson's authority to compromise debts owed to the Endowment, or to suspend or terminate collection action on such debts
45: 1150.11
   1150.11 How does subdividing or joining debts owed to the Endowment affect the Chairperson's compromise, suspension, or termination authority
45: 1150.12
   1150.12 How will the Endowment use credit reporting agencies to collect its claims
45: 1150.13
   1150.13 How will the Endowment contract for collection services
45: 1150.14
   1150.14 When will the Endowment refer claims to the DOJ
45: 1150.15
   1150.15 Will the Endowment use a cross-servicing agreement with the Treasury to collect its claims
45: 1150.16
   1150.16 May I use the Endowment's failure to comply with these regulations as a defense
45: B
Subpart B - Salary Offset
45: 1150.20
   1150.20 What debts are included or excluded from coverage of these regulations on salary offset
45: 1150.21
   1150.21 May I ask the Endowment to waive an overpayment that otherwise would be collected by offsetting my salary as a Federal employee
45: 1150.22
   1150.22 What are the Endowment's procedures for salary offset
45: 1150.23
   1150.23 How will the Endowment coordinate salary offsets with other agencies
45: 1150.24
   1150.24 Under what conditions will the Endowment make a refund of amounts collected by salary offset
45: 1150.25
   1150.25 Will the collection of a claim by salary offset act as a waiver of my rights to dispute the claimed debt
45: C
Subpart C - Tax Refund Offset
45: 1150.30
   1150.30 Which debts can the Endowment refer to the Treasury for collection by offsetting tax refunds
45: 1150.31
   1150.31 What are the Endowment's procedures for collecting debts by tax refund offset
45: D
Subpart D - Administrative Offset
45: 1150.40
   1150.40 Under what circumstances will the Endowment collect amounts that I owe to the Endowment (or some other Federal agency) by offsetting the debt against payments that the Endowment (or some other Federal agency) owes me
45: 1150.41
   1150.41 How will the Endowment request that my debt to the Endowment be collected by offset against some payment that another Federal agency owes me
45: 1150.42
   1150.42 What procedures will the Endowment use to collect amounts I owe to a Federal agency by offsetting a payment that the Endowment would otherwise make to me
45: 1150.43
   1150.43 When may the Endowment make an offset in an expedited manner
45: 1150.44
   1150.44 Can a judgment I have obtained against the United States be used to satisfy a debt that I owe to the Endowment