Title 44

SECTION 206.438

206.438 Project management.

§ 206.438 Project management.

(a) General. The State serving as grantee has primary responsibility for project management and accountability of funds as indicated in 2 CFR parts 200 and 3002 and 44 CFR part 206. The State is responsible for ensuring that subgrantees meet all program and administrative requirements.

(b) Cost overruns. During the execution of work on an approved mitigation measure the Governor's Authorized Representative may find that actual project costs are exceeding the approved estimates. Cost overruns which can be met without additional Federal funds, or which can be met by offsetting cost underruns on other projects, need not be submitted to the Regional Administrator for approval, so long as the full scope of work on all affected projects can still be met. For cost overruns which exceed Federal obligated funds and which require additional Federal funds, the Governor's Authorized Representative shall evaluate each cost overrun and shall submit a request with a recommendation to the Regional Administrator for a determination. The applicant's justification for additional costs and other pertinent material shall accompany the request. The Regional Administrator shall notify the Governor's Authorized Representative in writing of the determination and process a supplement, if necessary. All requests that are not justified shall be denied by the Governor's Authorized Representative. In no case will the total amount obligated to the State exceed the funding limits set forth in § 206.432(b). Any such problems or circumstances affecting project costs shall be identified through the quarterly progress reports required in paragraph (c) of this section.

(c) Progress reports. The grantee shall submit a quarterly progress report to FEMA indicating the status and completion date for each measure funded. Any problems or circumstances affecting completion dates, scope of work, or project costs which are expected to result in noncompliance with the approved grant conditions shall be described in the report.

(d) Payment of claims. The Governor's Authorized Representative shall make a claim to the Regional Administrator for reimbursement of allowable costs for each approved measure. In submitting such claims the Governor's Authorized Representative shall certify that reported costs were incurred in the performance of eligible work, that the approved work was completed and that the mitigation measure is in compliance with the provisions of the FEMA-State Agreement. The Regional Administrator shall determine the eligible amount of reimbursement for each claim and approve payment. If a mitigation measure is not completed, and there is not adequate justification for noncompletion, no Federal funding will be provided for that measure.

(e) Audit requirements. Uniform audit requirements as set forth in 2 CFR parts 200 and 3002 and 44 CFR part 206 apply to all grant assistance provided under this subpart. FEMA may elect to conduct a Federal audit on the disaster assistance grant or on any of the subgrants.

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