Title 44

SECTION 206.435

206.435 Project identification and selection criteria.

§ 206.435 Project identification and selection criteria.

(a) Identification. It is the State's responsibility to identify and select eligible hazard mitigation projects. All funded projects must be consistent with the State Mitigation Plan. Hazard Mitigation projects shall be identified and prioritized through the State, Indian tribal, and local planning process.

(b) Selection. The State will establish procedures and priorities for the selection of mitigation measures. At a minimum, the criteria must be consistent with the criteria stated in § 206.434(c) and include:

(1) Measures that best fit within an overall plan for development and/or hazard mitigation in the community, disaster area, or State;

(2) Measures that, if not taken, will have a severe detrimental impact on the applicant, such as potential loss of life, loss of essential services, damage to critical facilities, or economic hardship on the community;

(3) Measures that have the greatest potential impact on reducing future disaster losses;

(c) Other considerations. In addition to the selection criteria noted above, consideration should be given to measures that are designed to accomplish multiple objectives including damage reduction, environmental enhancement, and economic recovery, when appropriate.

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