Title 44

SECTION 206.349

206.349 Consistency determinations.

§ 206.349 Consistency determinations.

Section 6(a)(6) of CBRA requires that certain actions be consistent with the purposes of that statute if the actions are to be carried out on a unit of the CBRA. The purpose of CBRA, as stated in section 2(b) of that statute, is to minimize the loss of human life, wasteful expenditure of Federal revenues, and the damage to fish, wildlife, and other natural resources associated with the coastal barriers along with Atlantic and Gulf coasts. For those actions where a consistency determination is required, the FEMA Regional Administrator shall evaluate the action according to the following procedures, and the evaluation shall be included in the written request for consultation with DOI.

(a) Impact identification. FEMA shall identify impacts of the following types that would result from the proposed action:

(1) Risks to human life;

(2) Risks of damage to the facility being repaired or replaced;

(3) Risks of damage to other facilities;

(4) Risks of damage to fish, wildlife, and other natural resources;

(5) Condition of existing development served by the facility and the degree to which its redevelopment would be encouraged; and

(6) Encouragement of new development.

(b) Mitigation. FEMA shall modify actions by means of practicable mitigation measures to minimize adverse effects of the types listed in paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Conservation. FEMA shall identify practicable measures that can be incorporated into the proposed action and will conserve natural and wildlife resources.

(d) Finding. For those actions required to be consistent with the purposes of CBRA, the above evaluation must result in a finding of consistency with CBRA by the Regional Administrator before funding may be approved for that action.