Title 44

SECTION 206.348

206.348 Consultation.

§ 206.348 Consultation.

As required by section 6 of the CBRA, the FEMA Regional Administrator will consult with the designated representative of the Department of the Interior (DOI) at the regional level before approving any action involving permanent restoration of a facility or structure on or attached to a unit of the CBRS.

(a) The consultation shall be by written memorandum to the DOI representative and shall contain the following:

(1) Identification of the unit within the CBRS;

(2) Description of the facility and the proposed repair or replacement work; including identification of the facility as an exception under section 6 of CBRA; and full justification of its status as an exception;

(3) Amount of proposal Federal funding;

(4) Additional mitigation measures required; and

(5) A determination of the action's consistency with the purposes of CBRA, if required by these regulations, in accordance with § 206.349.

(b) Pursuant to FEMA understanding with DOI, the DOI representative will provide technical information and an opinion whether or not the proposed action meets the criteria for a CBRA exception, and on the consistency of the action with the purposes of CBRA (when such consistency is required). DOI is expected to respond within 12 working days from the date of the FEMA request for consultation. If a response is not received within the time limit, the FEMA Regional Administrator shall contact the DOI representative to determine if the request for consultation was received in a timely manner. If it was not, an appropriate extension for response will be given. Otherwise, he or she may assume DOI concurrence and proceed with approval of the proposed action.

(c) For those cases in which the regional DOI representative believes that the proposed action should not be taken and the matter cannot be resolved at the regional level, the FEMA Regional Administrator will submit the issue to the Director, Office of Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation, Mitigation Directorate. In coordination with the Office of Chief Counsel (OCC), consultation will be accomplished at the FEMA National Office with the DOI consultation officer. After this consultation, the Director, Office of Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation, Mitigation Directorate, determines whether or not to approve the proposed action.