Title 44

SECTION 206.346

206.346 Applicability to disaster assistance.

§ 206.346 Applicability to disaster assistance.

(a) Emergency assistance. The Regional Administrator may approve assistance pursuant to sections 402, 403, or 502 of the Stafford Act, for emergency actions which are essential to the saving of lives and the protection of property and the public health and safety, are necessary to alleviate the emergency, and are in the public interest. Such actions include but are not limited to:

(1) Removal of debris from public property;

(2) Emergency protection measures to prevent loss of life, prevent damage to improved property and protect public health and safety;

(3) Emergency restoration of essential community services such as electricity, water or sewer;

(4) Provision of access to a private residence;

(5) Provision of emergency shelter by means of providing emergency repair of utilities, provision of heat in the season requiring heat, or provision of minimal cooking facilities;

(6) Relocation of individuals or property out of danger, such as moving a mobile home to an area outside of the CBRS (but disaster assistance funds may not be used to relocate facilities back into the CBRS);

(7) Home repairs to private owner-occupied primary residences to make them habitable;

(8) Housing eligible families in existing resources in the CBRS; and

(9) Mortgage and rental payment assistance.

(b) Permanent restoration assistance. Subject to the limitations set out below, the Regional Administrator may approve assistance for the repair, reconstruction, or replacement but not the expansion of the following publicly owned or operated facilities and certain private nonprofit facilities.

(1) Roads and bridges;

(2) Drainage structures, dams, levees;

(3) Buildings and equipment;

(4) Utilities (gas, electricity, water, etc.); and

(5) Park and recreational facilities.