Title 44

SECTION 206.342

206.342 Definitions.

§ 206.342 Definitions.

Except as otherwise provided in this subpart, the definitions set forth in part 206 of subchapter D are applicable to this subject.

(a) Consultation means that process by which FEMA informs the Secretary of the Interior through his/her designated agent of FEMA proposed disaster assistance actions on a designated unit of the Coastal Barrier Resources System and by which the Secretary makes comments to FEMA about the appropriateness of that action. Approval by the Secretary is not required in order that an action be carried out.

(b) Essential link means that portion of a road, utility, or other facility originating outside of the system unit but providing access or service through the unit and for which no alternative route is reasonably available.

(c) Existing facility on a unit of CBRS established by Public Law 97-348 means a publicly owned or operated facility on which the start of a construction took place prior to October 18, 1982, and for which this fact can be adequately documented. In addition, a legally valid building permit or equivalent documentation, if required, must have been obtained for the construction prior to October 18, 1982. If a facility has been substantially improved or expanded since October 18, 1982, it is not an existing facility. For any other unit added to the CBRS by amendment to Public Law 97-348, the enactment date of such amendment is substituted for October 18, 1982, in this definition.

(d) Expansion means changing a facility to increase its capacity or size.

(e) Facility means “public facility” as defined in § 206.201. This includes any publicly owned flood control, navigation, irrigation, reclamation, public power, sewage treatment and collection, water supply and distribution, watershed development, or airport facility; and nonfederal-aid street, road, or highway; and any other public building, structure, or system, including those used for educational, recreational, or cultural purposes, or any park.

(f) Financial assistance means any form of Federal loan, grant guaranty, insurance, payment rebate, subsidy or any other form of direct or indirect Federal assistance.

(g) New financial assistance on a unit of the CBRS established by Public Law 97-348 means an approval by FEMA of a project application or other disaster assistance after October 18, 1982. For any other unit added to the CBRS by amendment to Public Law 97-348, the enactment date such amendment is substituted for October 18, 1982, in this definition.

(h) Start of construction for a structure means the first placement of permanent construction, such as the placement of footings or slabs or any work beyond the stage of excavation. Permanent construction for a structure does not include land preparation such as clearing, grading, and placement of fill, nor does it include excavation for a basement, footings, or piers. For a facility which is not a structure, start of construction means the first activity for permanent construction of a substantial part of the facility. Permanent construction for a facility does not include land preparation such as clearing and grubbing but would include excavation and placement of fill such as for a road.

(i) Structure means a walled and roofed building, including a gas or liquid storage tank, that is principally above ground, as well as a mobile home.

(j) Substantial improvement means any repair, reconstruction or other improvement of a structure or facility, that has been damaged in excess of, or the cost of which equals or exceeds, 50 percent of the market value of the structure or placement cost of the facility (including all “public facilities”) as defined in the Stafford Act) either:

(1) Before the repair or improvement is started; or

(2) If the structure or facility has been damaged and is proposed to be restored, before the damage occurred. If a facility is a link in a larger system, the percentage of damage will be based on the relative cost of repairing the damaged facility to the replacement cost of that portion of the system which is operationally dependent on the facility. The term substantial improvement does not include any alternation of a structure or facility listed on the National Register of Historic Places or a State Inventory of Historic Places.

(k) System unit means any undeveloped coastal barrier, or combination of closely related undeveloped coastal barriers included within the Coastal Barrier Resources System as established by the section 4 of the CBRA, or as modified by the Secretary in accordance with that statute.