Title 44


206.3 Policy.

§ 206.3 Policy.

It is the policy of FEMA to provide an orderly and continuing means of assistance by the Federal Government to State and local governments in carrying out their responsibilities to alleviate the suffering and damage that result from major disasters and emergencies by:

(a) Providing Federal assistance programs for public and private losses and needs sustained in disasters;

(b) Encouraging the development of comprehensive disaster preparedness and assistance plans, programs, capabilities, and organizations by the States and local governments;

(c) Achieving greater coordination and responsiveness of disaster preparedness and relief programs;

(d) Encouraging individuals, States, and local governments to obtain insurance coverage and thereby reduce their dependence on governmental assistance; and

(e) Encouraging hazard mitigation measures, such as development of land-use and construction regulations, floodplain management, protection of wetlands, and environmental planning, to reduce losses from disasters.