Title 44

SECTION 206.205

206.205 Payment of claims.

§ 206.205 Payment of claims.

(a) Small Projects. Final payment of the Federal share of these projects will be made to the recipient upon approval of the Project Worksheet. The recipient will make payment of the Federal share to the subrecipient as soon as practicable after Federal approval of funding. Before the closeout of the disaster contract, the recipient must certify that all such projects were completed in accordance with FEMA approvals and that the State contribution to the non-Federal share, as specified in the FEMA-State Agreement, has been paid to each subrecipient. Such certification is not required to specify the amount spent by a subrecipient on small projects. The Federal payment for small projects shall not be reduced if all of the approved funds are not spent to complete a project. However, failure to complete a project may require that the Federal payment be refunded.

(b) Large projects. (1) The recipient shall make an accounting to the Regional Administrator of eligible costs for each approved large project. In submitting the accounting the recipient shall certify that reported costs were incurred in the performance of eligible work, that the approved work was completed, that the project is in compliance with the provisions of the FEMA-State Agreement, and that payments for that project have been made in accordance with 2 CFR 200.305. Each large project shall be submitted as soon as practicable after the subrecipient has completed the approved work and requested payment.

(2) The Regional Administrator shall review the accounting to determine the eligible amount of reimbursement for each large project and approve eligible costs. If a discrepancy between reported costs and approved funding exists, the Regional Administrator may conduct field reviews to gather additional information. If discrepancies in the claim cannot be resolved through a field review, a Federal audit may be conducted. If the Regional Administrator determines that eligible costs exceed the initial approval, he/she will obligate additional funds as necessary.

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