Title 44

SECTION 206.118

206.118 Disposal of housing units.

§ 206.118 Disposal of housing units.

(a) FEMA may sell housing units purchased under § 206.117(b)(1)(ii), Temporary housing, direct assistance, as follows:

(1) Sale to an applicant.

(i) Sale to the individual or household occupying the unit, if the occupant lacks permanent housing, has a site that complies with local codes and ordinances and part 9 of this Title.

(ii) Adjustment to the sales price. FEMA may approve adjustments to the sales price when selling a housing unit to the occupant of a unit if the purchaser is unable to pay the fair market value of the home or unit and when doing so is in the best interest of the applicant and FEMA.

(iii) FEMA may sell a housing unit to the occupant only on the condition that the purchaser agrees to obtain and maintain hazard insurance, as well as flood insurance on the unit if it is or will be in a designated Special Flood Hazard Area.

(2) Other methods of disposal:

(i) FEMA may sell, transfer, donate, or otherwise make a unit available directly to a State or other governmental entity, or to a voluntary organization, for the sole purpose of providing temporary housing to disaster victims in major disasters and emergencies. As a condition of the sale, transfer, or donation, or other method of provision, the State, governmental entity, or voluntary organization must agree to:

(A) Comply with the nondiscrimination provisions of the Stafford Act, 42 U.S.C. 5151; and

(B) Obtain and maintain hazard insurance on the unit, as well as flood insurance if the housing unit is or will be in a designated Special Flood Hazard Area.

(ii) FEMA may also sell housing units at a fair market value to any other person.

(b) A unit will be sold “as is, where is”, except for repairs FEMA deems necessary to protect health or safety, which are to be completed before the sale. There will be no implied warranties. In addition, FEMA will inform the purchaser that he/she may have to bring the unit up to codes and standards that are applicable at the proposed site.

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