Title 44

SECTION 204.62

204.62 Duplication and recovery of assistance.

§ 204.62 Duplication and recovery of assistance.

(a) Duplication of benefits. FEMA provides supplementary assistance under the Stafford Act, which generally may not duplicate benefits received by or available to the applicant from insurance, other assistance programs, legal awards, or any other source to address the same purpose. An applicant must notify FEMA of all benefits that it receives or anticipates from other sources for the same purpose, and must seek all such benefits available to them. FEMA will reduce the grant by the amounts available for the same purpose from another source. FEMA may provide assistance under this Part when other benefits are available to an applicant, but the applicant will be liable to FEMA for any duplicative amounts that it receives or has available to it from other sources, and must repay FEMA for such amounts.

(b) Duplication of programs. FEMA will not provide assistance under this part for activities for which another Federal agency has more specific or primary authority to provide assistance for the same purpose. FEMA may disallow or recoup amounts that fall within another Federal agency's authority. FEMA may provide assistance under this part, but the applicant must agree to seek assistance from the appropriate Federal agency and to repay FEMA for amounts that are within another Agency's authority.

(c) Negligence. FEMA will provide no assistance to an applicant for costs attributable to applicant's own negligence. If the applicant suspects negligence by a third party for causing a condition for which FEMA made assistance available under this Part, the applicant is responsible for taking all reasonable steps to recover all costs attributable to the negligence of the third party. FEMA generally considers such amounts to be duplicated benefits available to the recipient or subrecipient, and will treat them consistent with (a) of this section.

(d) Intentional acts. Any person who intentionally causes a condition for which assistance is provided under this part shall be liable to the United States to the extent that FEMA incurs costs attributable to the intentional act or omission that caused the condition. FEMA may provide assistance under this part, but it will be conditioned on an agreement by the applicant to cooperate with FEMA in efforts to recover the cost of the assistance from the liable party. A person shall not be liable under this section as a result of actions the person takes or omits in the course of rendering care or assistance in response to the fire.

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