Title 44

SECTION 204.43

204.43 Ineligible costs.

§ 204.43 Ineligible costs.

Costs not directly associated with the incident period are ineligible. Ineligible costs include the following:

(a) Costs incurred in the mitigation, management, and control of undeclared fires;

(b) Costs related to planning, pre-suppression (i.e., cutting fire-breaks without the presence of an imminent threat, training, road widening, and other similar activities), and recovery (i.e., land rehabilitation activities, such as seeding, planting operations, and erosion control, or the salvage of timber and other materials, and restoration of facilities damaged by fire);

(c) Costs for the straight or regular time salaries and benefits of a subrecipient's permanently employed or reassigned personnel;

(d) Costs for mitigation, management, and control of a declared fire on co-mingled Federal land when such costs are reimbursable to the State by a Federal agency under another statute (See 44 CFR part 51);

(e) Fires fought on Federal land are generally the responsibility of the Federal Agency that owns or manages the land. Costs incurred while fighting fires on federally owned land are not eligible under the Fire Management Assistance Grant Program except as noted in § 204.42(i).

[66 FR 57347, Nov. 14, 2001, as amended at 82 FR 42, Jan. 3, 2017]