Title 44

SECTION 204.26

204.26 Appeal of fire management assistance declaration denial.

§ 204.26 Appeal of fire management assistance declaration denial.

(a) Submitting an appeal. When a State's request for a fire management assistance declaration is denied, the Governor or GAR may appeal the decision in writing within 30 days after the date of the letter denying the request. The State should submit this one-time request for reconsideration in writing, with appropriate additional information to the Administrator through the Regional Administrator. The Administrator will reevaluate the State's request and notify the State of the final determination within 90 days of receipt of the appeal or the receipt of additional requested information.

(b) Requesting a time-extension. The Administrator may extend the 30-day period for filing an appeal, provided that the Governor or the GAR submits a written

(c) Request for such an extension within the 30-day period. The Administrator will evaluate the need for an extension based on the reasons cited in the request and either approve or deny the request for an extension.

[75 FR 50715, Aug. 17, 2010]