Title 43 Part 429 → Subpart H → §429.33

Title 43 → Subtitle B → Chapter I → Part 429 → Subpart H → §429.33

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Title 43 Part 429 → Subpart H → §429.33

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Title 43Subtitle BChapter IPart 429Subpart H → §429.33

Title 43: Public Lands: Interior
Subpart H—Prohibited and Unauthorized Uses of Reclamation Land, Facilities, and Waterbodies

§429.33   What are the consequences for using Reclamation land, facilities, and waterbodies without authorization?

(a) Reclamation may seek to collect the following:

(1) All administrative costs incurred by Reclamation in resolving the unauthorized use;

(2) All costs of removing structures, materials, improvements, or any other real or personal property;

(3) All costs of rehabilitation of the land, facilities, or waterbodies as required by Reclamation.

(4) The use fee that would have applied had your use been authorized from the date your unauthorized use began;

(5) Interest accrued on the use fee from the date your unauthorized use began as specified in paragraph (a)(4) of this section; and

(6) The interest charge rate shall be the greater of either the rate prescribed quarterly in the Federal Register by the Department of the Treasury for application to overdue payments or the interest rate of 0.5 percent per month. The interest charge rate will be determined as of the due date and remain fixed for the duration of the delinquent period.

(b) As an unauthorized user, you will receive a written notice in which Reclamation will outline the steps you need to perform to cease your unauthorized use.

(c) If appropriate, you will receive a final determination letter detailing the applicable costs and fees, as set forth under paragraph (a) of this section, which must be paid to Reclamation for your unauthorized use. Payment must be made within 30 days of receipt of this letter unless Reclamation extends this deadline in writing. Failure to make timely payment may result in administrative or legal action being taken against you.

(d) Reclamation may determine that issuing a use authorization to you for an existing unauthorized use is not appropriate; and may deny future use applications by you because of this behavior. As noted at §429.15, use authorizations are always issued at Reclamation's discretion.

(e) If, however, your unauthorized use is deemed by Reclamation to be an unintentional mistake, consideration may be given to issuing a use authorization provided that you qualify and meet the criteria at §429.14; and, in addition to the normal costs, you agree to pay the following:

(1) The use fee that would have been owed from the date your unauthorized use began; and

(2) Interest accrued on the use fee from the date your unauthorized use began as specified in paragraph (f)(1) of this section.

(f) Under no circumstances will your unauthorized use or payment of monies to the United States in association with an unauthorized use either:

(1) Create any legal interest or color of title against the United States; or

(2) Establish any right or preference to continue the unauthorized use.

(g) Under part 423 of this chapter, unauthorized use of Reclamation land, facilities, or waterbodies is a trespass against the United States. You may be subject to legal action including criminal prosecution as specified under §423.71.

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