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Title 43 Part 404 → Subpart D → §404.49

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Title 43: Public Lands: Interior
Subpart D—Feasibility Studies

§404.49   What criteria will Reclamation use to determine whether to recommend that a proposed rural water supply project be authorized for construction?

In reviewing a feasibility study, Reclamation will assure that the proposed project is consistent with the policies and programs of the President and will apply the following criteria to evaluate and determine whether it is appropriate to recommend authorization for construction:

(a) The degree to which the project meets the prioritization criteria in §404.13;

(b) The outcome of the environmental analysis;

(c) Whether there is a Federal interest in the project, including;

(1) A clearly defined Federal nexus to a proposed project;

(2) The Federal cost of the project in relation to the amount of Federal resources likely to be available; and

(d) Whether the recommended project alternative is clearly supported by the feasibility study, based on application of the following factors, including the extent to which the alternative:

(1) Addresses near and long-term water demand;

(2) Advances public health and safety and consideration of other benefits of the proposed rural water supply project;

(3) Addresses environmental quality and source water protection issues;

(4) Addresses opportunities to treat and use low-quality or non-potable water, water-reuse based supplies, and brackish and saline waters, through innovative and economically viable treatment technologies;

(5) Addresses opportunities for water conservation through structural or non-structural approaches and demonstration technologies to reduce water use and water system costs;

(6) Addresses opportunities to take advantage of economic incentives and the use of market-based mechanisms;

(7) Includes a reasonable and supported estimate of construction costs and operation, maintenance, and replacement costs;

(8) Is consistent with the Principles and Guidelines (incorporated by reference at §404.4).

(9) Includes a reasonable and supported operation, maintenance, and replacement plan to assist the project sponsor in establishing rates and fees and a schedule identifying how those costs should be allocated to each non-Federal project sponsor;

(10) Demonstrates your financial capability to pay at least 25 percent of the design and construction costs and 100 percent of the operation, maintenance, and replacement costs;

(11) Is eligible for guaranteed loans;

(12) Includes adequate administrative and financial controls to manage construction and operation, maintenance, and replacement of the project;

(13) Is eligible for assistance under other Federal authorities to pay for discrete features or portions of the project;

(14) Is technically feasible and can be constructed within industry standards;

(15) Involves partnerships with other state, local, or tribal governments or Federal entities; and

(16) In the case of Indian tribes and tribal organizations, the extent to which the alternative addresses the goal of economic self-sufficiency;

(17) The degree to which the proposed project demonstrates that it has clear deliverables, will be accomplished within a reasonable schedule, within budget, and is well managed; and

(18) Other factors and criteria that Reclamation deems appropriate.