Title 43

SECTION 9239.7-1

9239.7-1 Public lands.

§ 9239.7-1 Public lands.

The filing of an application under part 2800, 2810, or 2880, of this chapter does not authorize the applicant to use or occupy the public lands for right-of-way purposes, except as provided by the definition of “Casual use” in § 2801.5(b) and by §§ 2804.29 and 2884.25 of this chapter, until written authorization has been issued by the authorized officer. Any unauthorized occupancy or use of public lands or improvements for right-of-way purposes constitutes a trespass against the United States for which the trespasser is liable for costs, damages, and penalties as provided in subpart 2808 and §§ 2812.1-3 and 2888.10 of this chapter. No new permit, license, authorization, or grant of any kind shall be issued to a trespasser until:

(a) The trespass claim is fully satisfied; or

(b) The trespasser files a bond conditioned upon payment of the amount of damages determined to be due the United States; or

(c) The authorized officer determines in writing that there is a legitimate dispute as to the fact of the trespasser's liability or as to the extent of his liability and the trespasser files a bond in an amount determined by the authorized officer to be sufficient to cover payment of a future court judgment in favor of the United States.

[54 FR 25855, June 20, 1989, as amended at 70 FR 21090, Apr. 22, 2005]