Title 43

SECTION 9239.3

9239.3 Grazing, Alaska.

§ 9239.3 Grazing, Alaska.

(a) Reindeer. (1) Any use of the Federal lands for reindeer grazing purposes, unless authorized by a valid permit issued in accordance with the regulations in subpart 4132 of this chapter, is unlawful and is prohibited.

(2) Any person who willfully violates any of the rules and regulations in subpart 4132 of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punishable by imprisonment for not more than one year, or by a fine of not more than $500.

(b) Livestock. (1) Grazing livestock upon, allowing livestock to drift and graze on, or driving livestock across lands that are subject to lease or permit under the provisions of this part or within a stock driveway, without a lease or other authorization from the Bureau of Land Management, is prohibited and constitutes trespass. Trespassers will be liable in damages to the United States for the forage consumed and for injury to Federal property, and may be subject to civil and criminal prosecution for such unlawful acts. A lessee who grazes livestock in violation of the terms and conditions of his lease by exceeding numbers specified, or by allowing the livestock to be on Federal land in an area or at a time different from that designated in his lease shall be in default and shall be subject to the provisions of § 4131.2-7 (g) and (h) of this chapter. Under section 2 of the Act, any person who willfully grazes livestock on public lands without authority, shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine of not more than $500.

(2) Whenever it appears that a violation exists the authorized officer shall serve written notice upon the alleged violator. The notice shall set forth the act or omission constituting such violation and will allow the party involved a reasonable specified time from receipt of notice to demonstrate that there has been no violation or that he has since achieved compliance. If the showing is satisfactory to the authorized officer he will close the case. If satisfactory showing is not made within the time allowed, the violation alleged in the notice will be deemed to have been willful.

(3) Where the owner of the trespassing livestock, or his representative, is known, the authorized officer shall determine the amount of the damage to the public land and other property of the United States and shall make a demand for payment upon the alleged violator setting forth the foregoing values including the value of the forage consumed. Such forage value shall be computed at the commercial rates, if susceptible to proof by reasonably available and reliable data; otherwise, a minimum charge of $2 per animal unit month for trespass not clearly willful will be made. Where the trespasses are repeated and/or willful, a minimum charge of $4 per animal unit month for forage consumed will be charged. All offers for settlement for value of forage consumed and for damage to the public land or to other property of the United States resulting from an alleged violation of any provision of the act or regulations found within § 4131.0-3 et seq. of this chapter in the amount of $2,000 or less may be accepted by the authorized officer. Offers for settlement in excess of $2,000 will be transmitted to the State Director for appropriate action. An offer of settlement will not constitute satisfaction of civil liability for consumed forage and damage involved until finally accepted by the authorized officer or the State Director, and in no event will it relieve the violator of criminal liability. No lease or permit will be issued or renewed until payment of any amount found to be due the United States under this section has been offered.

[35 FR 9800, June 13, 1970. Redesignated at 43 FR 29076, July 5, 1978]