Title 43

SECTION 9212.0-5

9212.0-5 Definitions.

§ 9212.0-5 Definitions.

As used in this subpart, the term:

(a) Person means individuals, corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies or joint stock companies.

(b) Authorized officer means any employee of the Bureau of Land Management to whom has been delegated the authority to perform the duties described in this subpart.

(c) Public lands means any lands and interest in lands owned by the United States within the several States and administered by the Secretary of the Interior through the Bureau of Land Management, without regard to how the United States acquired ownership, except:

(1) Lands located on the Outer Continental Shelf; and

(2) Lands held for the benefit of Indians, Aleuts, and Eskimos.

(d) Fire means the burning of timber, trees, slash, brush, tundra, grass or other flammable material such as, but not limited to, petroleum products, trash, rubbish, lumber, paper, cloth or agricultural refuse occurring out of doors and includes campfire as defined in this section.

(e) Campfire means a controlled fire occurring out of doors used for cooking, branding, personal warmth, lighting, ceremonial or esthetic purposes.

(f) Permit means authorization in writing by the authorized officer.

(g) Closed area means public lands closed to entry by a Bureau of Land Management fire prevention order.

(h) Wildlife means any wildland fire that requires a suppression response.

(i) Restricted area means public lands restricted as to use(s) by a Bureau of Land Management fire prevention order.