Title 43

SECTION 9185.4-1

9185.4-1 Estimate of cost.

§ 9185.4-1 Estimate of cost.

(a) The cost of resurvey procedure is as a rule considerably in excess of that incident to the execution of original surveys and may range between rather wide limits. Where the obliteration is not excessive and the evidences of the original survey are harmoniously related, extensive verifying retracements will be unnecessary and ordinary dependent methods of resurvey can usually be applied. If, however, the obliteration is general or total, many miles of preliminary retracement may be required in order to obtain technical control, and where, by reason of errors in the original survey, the existing evidences thereof are discordant and conflicting locations have resulted, the procedure required may, in the case of densely entered townships, involve an expense of $5,000 or more per township.

(b) The applicants for resurvey should understand, therefore, that although the estimate supplied will be as nearly correct as the available information will permit, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and, consequently, all such estimates are subject to revision, if necessary, as the work proceeds and the field conditions are more fully developed. Any deposit in excess of actual cost will be returned to the applicants as provided by law, but in cases where the cost exceeds the deposit made in accordance with the estimate, an additional deposit will be required, failing which, operations will be suspended.

(c) In the application of the terms of this Act it is not intended that there shall be undertaken any work involving the mere reestablishment of lost or obliterated or misplaced corners in a limited area of a township, such work being within the province of the local surveyor, and the authority of the State Director will be restricted to the giving of advice in accordance with the circular for the restoration of lost or obliterated corners. Employees of the Government are prohibited from participating in the resurvey of a township or the reestablishment of lost corners or in the subdivision of sections for private parties, even if the expense is borne by the county or State authorities or by individuals, except as such action is specifically authorized by the Director, Bureau of Land Management, in accordance with the provisions of existing statutes.

(d) Deposit required: The deposit required of the petitioners by law must accompany the application and must be made in the amount, at the place and in the manner prescribed by the instructions which will accompany the estimate.