Title 43

SECTION 9185.3-3

9185.3-3 Majority of land owners.

§ 9185.3-3 Majority of land owners.

A majority of the settlers in each township are required to join in the application, and, in addition, there must appear the endorsements of the entrymen and owners, including the State, whose holdings represent the major part of the area entered or patented, with a description opposite each name of the lands actually occupied, entered, or owned, and a statement as to whether the applicant is a settler, entryman, or owner thereof. Where an entryman or owner, including the State, has failed for any reason whatsoever to join in the application, evidence of service of notice upon him for at least 30 days in advance of the filing of the application is required in order that he may be afforded ample opportunity to make timely protest against the granting of such resurvey if in his opinion such action is undesirable.