Title 43

SECTION 9185.2-2

9185.2-2 Lands omitted from original survey.

§ 9185.2-2 Lands omitted from original survey.

(a) Notice of intended application. Notice of intention to apply for survey of an island or other land omitted from the original survey shall be served on the adjacent land owners, and the Attorney General and the Secretary of State for the State in which the land is situated, at least 30 days prior to the date of application for survey. Service may be had by return receipt mail or in person, evidence of which may consist of the return receipt or signed acknowledgment of service. A copy of each notice, with proof of service thereof, shall be filed with the application. Failure to obtain evidence of service may be explained.

(b) Form of notice. No particular form of notice is prescribed. The notice must make it clear, however, that the land covered by the application is contended to be public land of the United States and subject to survey and administration as such, and that any protest against the proposed survey should be filed with the appropriate State Director. It must be shown what particular surveyed lands opposite the island, or adjoining the unsurveyed land, are owned by the adjacent land owner on whom the notice is served.

(c) Evidence required as to character of land in existence at time of original survey. An application for the survey of an island or other land omitted from the original survey must be accompanied by evidence showing that the land was in existence and above ordinary high-water elevation when the State was admitted into the Union, and when the adjacent lands were surveyed. Such evidence should consist of statements from at least two persons familiar with the land, as to its size, elevation, and appearance, and the species, size, and age of the timber growth thereon, or nature of other vegetation.

(d) Diagram required with application. A diagram showing the approximate configuration of the island or other land applied for, and its location with reference, to the public land surveys, must accompany the application.

(e) Cost of survey. In the event of approval of the application, the costs of the survey will be borne by the Government.

(f) No preference right. Should the island or other land be surveyed as public land, no preference right to acquire the same under the laws governing the disposal of public lands will be gained by the filing of the application for survey.

[35 FR 9798, June 13, 1970, as amended at 44 FR 41795, July 18, 1979]