Title 43

SECTION 8351.2-1

8351.2-1 Special rules.

§ 8351.2-1 Special rules.

(a) The authorized officer may issue written orders which close or restrict the use of the lands and water surface administered by the Bureau of Land Management within the boundary of any component of the National Wild and Scenic River System when necessary to carry out the intent of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. Each order shall:

(1) Describe the lands, road, trail or waterway to which the order applies;

(2) Specify the time during which the closure or restriction applies;

(3) State each prohibition which is applied; and

(4) Be posted in accordance with paragraph (d) of this section.

(b) A written order may exempt any of the following persons from any of the prohibitions contained in the order:

(1) Persons with written permission authorizing the otherwise prohibited act or omission. The authorized officer may include in any written permission such conditions considered necessary for the protection of a person, or the lands or water surface and resources or improvements located thereon.

(2) Owners or lessees of property within the boundaries of the designated wild and scenic river area.

(3) Residents within the boundaries of the designated wild and scenic river area.

(4) Any Federal, State, or local government officer or member of an organized rescue or fire suppression force in the performance of an official duty.

(5) Persons in a business, trade or occupation within the boundaries of the designated wild and scenic river area.

(c) The violation of the terms or conditions of any written permission issued under paragraph (b)(1) of this section is prohibited.

(d) Posting is accomplished by:

(1) Placing a copy of an order in each local office having jurisdiction over the lands affected by the order; and

(2) Displaying each order near and/or within the affected wild and scenic river area in such locations and manner as to reasonably bring the prohibitions contained in the order to the attention of the public.

(e) When provided by a written order, the following are prohibited:

(1) Going onto or being upon land or water surface;

(2) Camping;

(3) Hiking;

(4) Building, maintaining, attending or using a fire;

(5) Improper disposal of garbage, trash or human waste;

(6) Disorderly conduct; and

(7) Other acts that the authorized officer determines to be detrimental to the public lands or other values of a wild and scenic river area.

(f) Any person convicted of violating any prohibition established in accordance with this section shall be punished by a fine of not to exceed $500 or by imprisonment for a period not to exceed 6 months, or both, and shall be adjudged to pay all costs of the proceedings.

(16 U.S.C. 1281(c), 16 U.S.C. 3) [45 FR 51741, Aug. 4, 1980]