Title 43

SECTION 5511.3-8

5511.3-8 Permits to mining claimants.

§ 5511.3-8 Permits to mining claimants.

(a) Free-use timber shall be granted under § 5510.0-3(b) to the record owner of a valid mining claim if such claim was located subsequent to July 23, 1955, or if the Government's right to manage the surface resources has been established in accordance with Group 3400 of this chapter, and he requires more timber than is available to him for prospecting, mining, or processing operations on his claim or claims after disposition of timber from his claim by the United States. The claimant shall be entitled to the free use of timber for such requirements from the nearest timber administered by the Bureau which is substantially equal in kind and quantity to the timber estimated by the authorized officer at the time of application to have been disposed of by the Bureau from the claim. Upon issuance of a patent to the mining claims, the free-use privilege will automatically terminate.

(b) The application required to be filed for free-use timber under this section must contain a statement that the timber applied for will be used for bona fide prospecting, mining, or prospecting operations on the claim or group of claims designated in the application. The applicant must also include a statement that he is the record owner of a valid mining claim or claims from which the timber was originally removed by the Government.