Title 43

SECTION 5511.3-2

5511.3-2 Permits.

§ 5511.3-2 Permits.

(a) Application for permit. An application for permit in duplicate, must be made on a form approved by the Director and filed in any office or with any employee of the Bureau of Land Management authorized to issue a permit. A free-use permit may be applied for without formal application for the removal of not more than three Christmas trees upon oral or written request.

(b) Issuance and cancellation of free-use permits; bond. (1) A free-use permit, on a form approved by the Director, shall incorporate the provisions, if any, governing the selection, removal, and use of timber. Free-use permits shall not be issued when the applicant owns or controls an adequate supply of the material to meet his needs. Timber applied for must be for the applicant's own use and may not be bartered or sold. No timber may be cut or removed until the permit is issued.

(2) The authorized officer may cancel a permit if the permittee fails to observe its terms and conditions or the regulations, or if the permit has been issued erroneously.

(3) A bond satisfactory to the authorized officer may be required as a guarantee of faithful performance of the provisions of the permit and applicable regulations.

(4) A free-use permit issued under this part may not be assigned.

(c) Duration, extension, and termination of permit. (1) Permits shall be granted for periods not to exceed 6 months and shall terminate on the expiration dates shown therein unless extended by the authorized officer. An extension not to exceed 3 months may be granted by the authorized officer. The permittee must notify the officer-in-charge upon the completion of removal.

(2) Permits issued for the benefit of a mining claimant under authority of the act shall terminate upon transfer of the ownership of the claim by any means. Reapplication must be made by the new claimants.