Title 43

SECTION 5511.2-3

5511.2-3 Permits.

§ 5511.2-3 Permits.

(a) Application for permit. Before timber is cut for free use, an application for permit in duplicate on a form approved by the Director must be filed in an office or with an employee of the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska.

(b) Issuance and cancellation of permit; removal of timber; bond. (1) A permit may be issued and shall incorporate the provisions, if any, governing the selection, removal, and use of the materials. One copy of the official form shall be returned to the applicant showing the approval or rejection of such application.

(2) The authorized officer may cancel a permit if the permittee fails to observe its terms and conditions, or the regulations in §§ 5511.2-1 to 5511.2-6, or if the permit has been issued erroneously.

(3) No timber shall be removed until the permit is issued. If deemed necessary by the signing officer, a bond, satisfactory to him, may be required as a guarantee of faithful performance of the provisions of the permit and the regulations in §§ 5511.2-1 to 5511.2-6.

(c) Cutting rules and restrictions. All free-use timber shall be cut and removed in accordance with approved forestry and conservation practices so as to preserve to the maximum extent feasible all scenic, recreational, watershed, and other values of the land and resources. In the free-use disposal of timber, the cutting and removal shall be accomplished in such manner as to leave the stand in condition for continuous production. Moreover, no green timber shall be cut within 300 feet of either side of the center line of a highway or public road, or bordering streams or the shores of lakes designated for recreational use unless specifically authorized by the authorized officer, to prevent or control fungus infection or insect attacks, or for other reasons found sufficient to justify such cutting.

(d) Amount of timber which may be cut. During each calendar year each applicant entitled to the benefits of section 11 of the Act of May 14, 1898, may take a total of 100,000 feet board measure or 200 cords in saw logs, piling, cordwood, or other timber. This amount may be taken in whole in any one of such classes of timber or in part of one kind and in part of another kind or other kinds. Where a cord is the unit of measure, it shall be estimated in relation with saw timber in the ratio of 500 feet board measure to the cord. Permits to take timber in excess of the amount stated may be granted to churches, hospitals, and charitable institutions upon a showing of special necessity therefor, and with the approval of the authorized officer.

(e) Notice of completion of timber cutting operations. Upon completion of the cutting and the removal of the timber, the permittee must notify the State Director, or other forest officer, stating when the work was completed, the land from which the timber was taken, the amount and kind of timber which was cut and removed, and the use to which the timber was put.

(f) Termination of permit; extensions. Permits shall be granted for periods not to exceed one year and shall terminate on the expiration dates shown therein unless extended by the signing officer.